Summer for Plants

Haven’t posted here in a while.

Once your plant collection gets above a few dozen things, a few things happen:

  • You begin to dispense with paying them the kind of attention to remember specific human names for them, and they become “the second IKEA dragon tree” or “the big pothos.”
  • You start wishing that maybe you’d kept your kinds down even if you kept actual plant populations large. Couldn’t keep my begonias alive; one thing was too dry, another was too soggy, and a few things never really did seem to adapt to their new environment.
  • Summer comes and the watering never stops. I’ve moved some of the plants to various levels of ‘outside’-ness, some actually outside on a glorified ledge (north-facing, sort of covered) where they apparently still get brutal amounts of sun…. (?), and others in a sunroom that is actually my ‘kitchen’ of sorts. And it gets hot in there too, but the sun isn’t as bad.
  • Your alocasias and colocasias you love start struggling with spider mites that you can’t ever quite seem to get rid of.
  • You have people come to repair a pipe, but instead they replace ALL the pipes, and apparently have to move everything in the home to do so, leaving a few of my plants (little dieffenbachias, sadly) in pretty rough shape, and it just seems they can’t recover.
  • Also, I still want a ficus elastica.

Succulents are doing quite well, though. I’ve got a kalanchoe millotti, well, three now. The three stalks (?) in my little pot started getting top-heavy so I lopped two of them down to root and it seems they’re doing very well in a pot together, and just last weekend I lopped the third. The two lopped spots have each grown two new sprouts in their place, so it seems they’re doing quite okay.

I’ve also rooted a number of pothos cuttings in water. I’d like to have long, lush, running pothos plants, and have a few runners going so far, but the glass bottles I have the others in are quite cool. Currently five bottles, three plain green pothos, one lime and one of those with the cream splotches.

That’s about it. Everything is growing, with lots of new leaves on the big dieffenbachia and philodendrons. I split my enormous peace lily a month or more ago, and the (still not very) little one is doing quite well, so that’s a relief.

I wonder what would be required to get a job at a botanical garden or something. Probably things like experience and education. Oh well.

A house full of plants will have to do for now.

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