Summer for Plants

Haven’t posted here in a while. Once your plant collection gets above a few dozen things, a few things happen: You begin to dispense with paying them the kind of attention to remember specific human names for them, and they become “the second IKEA dragon tree” or “the big pothos.” You start wishing that maybe…


There are some things that happen when you jump head first into a new hobby. No matter how much you read about it (and online nowadays, there’s a ton to read, for better or for worse), and how familiar you are with certain things, there’s bound to be a hiccup. There have been a few of those,…


Haworthia cooperi Like a little ice plant, a succulent with clear parts, very striking. 


Saw a bunch of gold dust plants around, and snatched this one up because it was the last I saw at the store, even if he looked a little scraggly. Thought he was Aucuba, but turns out to be Dracaena surculosa, and has some curled leaves and stuff. Hope he does okay. 


Gasteria pillansii Seriously. So cool. 


Kalanchoe millotii Succulents irresistible, no?  Fuzzy. 


Schefflera, umbrella plant  This one was a surprise but it’s so darn pretty, and hopefully continues to fill out. 


A haworthia Picked this one up along with two others from the hardware store a few weeks back, and a bit slow on uploading, but here she is.  That bloom is in focus below and is much closer to opening up, which is very exciting.  Love this one. Have another Haworthia on the way. 

Chloe has a friend

His name is Henry and he is a very small snail.  He won’t damage the plant right? He certainly hasn’t moved much in the past few days.