The Collection

Names are going to be a thing for a few reasons.

  • For one, I’m an English speaker.
  • For two, I live in a Chinese-speaking country.
  • Thirdly, scientific names are the most accurate and the easiest to look up.

And lastly, I’m sure I’ll end up with more than one of the same plant eventually, so… I swear I’m not a crazy person, but I’ll be giving them actual names really (I promise) just for ease of use. Or something.

Plants which are not Succulents

  • Epipremnum aureum; 黃金葛:
  • Chlorophytum Comosum吊蘭 (?) spider plant
    • Charles– “basically a spider plant” says nursery owner in Chinese; did I use the wrong Chinese term, or is it actually a different plant?
    • Edward– second (confirmed?) spider plant, this one from hardware store
  • Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Hahnii’– snake plant; 虎尾蘭: Bertram: a small one, from first trip to nursery, only maybe 6-8cm tall, and mostly yellow. Hoping he’s okay.
  • Ardisia Japonica, Hakuokan cultivar (?), 紫金牛: Harriet: suggested by store owner. Had to ask Reddit about that one.
  • Hedera helix– English Ivy; 常春藤: Guinevere: little plant, but with a few longer tendrils. Hope to get some crawling going soon.
  •  Dieffenbachia
    • a big one
    • a small one
  • Parlor palm
  • Bird’s nest fern
  • Radermachera hainanensis, golden tree jasmine
  • Peperomia obtusifolia, Oscarsecond trip to nursery, an indoor thing that he said liked it drier than the other guys.
  • Begonia rex, 秋海棠: Millyanother random recommendation from nursery owner on trip two; he said it was suitable for indoor growth and it has really amazing color. 
  • Nephrolepis exaltata– Boston Fern, Kevin: second trip to nursery. Dense growth in a small place, that I’m tempted to cut back a bit, or else repot into something slightly larger.
  • Pilea cadierei- Aluminum plant, 花葉冷水花: Vincent: little surprise at the hardware store, small plant but very leafy, and cheap. 
  • Dracaena surculosa, Gold dust plant, Wilbur– impulse buy from hardware store, a little spindly at first. I cleared out some dead leaves and limbs, and hopefully those two stalks will keep the beautiful thing going. Originally thought it was Aucuba japonica, but Reddit helped with the identification.
  • Pilea spruceana, silver tree Gertrude: impulse buy, pretty leaves, cool looking plant that ostensibly does well inside.  
  • Schefflera arboricola, umbrella plant- Bethanybeautiful butter-yellow and green thing I acquired that I hope continues to do well. It’s lush and fluffy now, and will hopefully stay so.


  • Basil- the only one so far… a little nervous about this one, because it’s currently the only plant in the kitchen, for some reason one I fear is more difficult to care for than my others, but we shall see.
  • (I’m wanting to add [at least] mint to this section, maybe more. Not a huge fan of rosemary for cooking, but it does smell nice. Thyme would be wonderful, and parsley doesn’t do much for me…)


(and a cactus)

  • Crassula ovata– jade plant; 翡翠木: Florence: from first trip to nursery, in great shape when I got it.
  • Haworthia attenuata, Regina– first of the three succulents of the hardware store I saw, and one I’d been wanting to get. Nursery said they didn’t have them, so I got this one and the two above. It had a single bloom on a single stalk when I got it, but hadn’t yet opened.
  • Portulacaria afra, 雅樂之舞– Elephant bush, Lillian: this thing has lots of names, maybe elephant bush isn’t the most common. Hardware store purchase, along with the next two in a ‘buy three get some discount’ deal.
  • Echeveria glauca– ‘hen and chicks’, Lucy: of the Ikea batch, a small, somewhat flat-looking succulent who took an unfortunate tumble a few days after coming home, and snapped off a few leaves… hoping she’ll pull through, poor thing.
  • Graptopetalum– (right? I think)- Juleshardware store. Beautiful, big meaty fellow who, with his succulent brethren from that day, will soon need repotting.
  • Gasteria pillansii, ox tongue- OttoAnother very cool succulent, simple but so awesome.
  • Haworthia cooperi, Ragnar:  
  • Kalanchoe humilis– Roxanneoriginally to be a gift for someone who decided they didn’t need as many succulents as I did. Thanks.
  • Kalanchoe millotii- fuzzy succulent- Matilda
  • Mammillaria (likely) spinosissima: Roger: nipple cactus (thanks likely to Linnaeus for that) from Ikea, one of the original four. Started opening blooms a few days after I brought it home; none of my doing, certainly.
  • (I also have four or five flavors of succulents trying to root now, and we’ll see if I’m successful with that; some seem to be doing quite well, but others might be fails.)

Total count now: 35 (not counting the propagation attempts). These folks are all (eventually) going to have their own category so the links for each of the individual names will go to all the posts about them specifically, and links for the species will go to all posts about that species. Or something. We’ll see.